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Concept & Strategic Design Consulting

DESIGN MANAGEMENT: Playbook and guidelines for the food experience processing ■ ■ ■ STRATEGIC DESIGN: Research & Development for the Food Industry

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Sensory & Lifestyle Design

SENSORY DESIGN: Causing emotions through food sensations ■ ■ ■ LIFESTYLE DESIGN: Creating moods to induce the experience

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Business Design & Creativity Management

CONCEPT DESIGN: High-profitable innovative concepts for Retail Food Format

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Food Design Advisory

FOOD DESIGN: Interpreting eating evolution trends ■ ■ ■ Food must be designed as a chair ■ ■ ■ Chefs create recipes, Food Designers create replicable procedures

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Food Design is a trade Mark of Paolo Barichella. Firm of the professional studio founded in 2002 for give shape to the ideas of Paolo Barichella for clients and owned projects. www.fooddesign.it

icon_2 Cucina Efficace – Effective Cooking. The system created for people who love to cook, but never find the time to express their passion. From gram to the cubic centimeter; from recipes weighted with the balance to the volumetric cooking. www.cucinaefficace.it
icon_3 Generating Experience and Lifestyle through Sensory Design – Creating a context and an emotional experience through Sensory Design. From Food Design to Sensory Design: the method created by Paolo Barichella to generate emotions through senses in 8 specific moments. www.sensorydesign.it
icon_4 Leggende Italiane is a Concept created by Paolo Barichella, based on the Italian Lifestyle model. Its aim is to evolve the excellences in authentic legends.
Leggende Italiane – because Italy is not solely the classical stereotypes, instead the synonym of Elegance, Class, Style, Tastefulness, Good living, applied in fields such as Culture, Art, Fashion, Food and Design by important legendary individuals. www.leggendeitaliane.com
icon_5 We develop the Food Design activity in Italy and abroad, both in terms of research and commercial approach. To us “Food Design” means the activity of design, research and development in the food sector to develop innovative products to the market; a planning ‘linked to contexts and services that add value, for those who produce or create opportunities for consumption-related food objectives. For managing and developing FOOD DESIGN REUNION, Klone instructed Paolo Barichella as Executive and Strategic Director and Ilaria Legato as Designer of Communication with responsibility for PR, Press and Education Office. www.fooddesignreunion.com