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Concept & Strategic Design Consulting

DESIGN MANAGEMENT: Playbook and guidelines for the food experience processing ■ ■ ■ STRATEGIC DESIGN: Research & Development for the Food Industry

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Sensory & Lifestyle Design

SENSORY DESIGN: Causing emotions through food sensations ■ ■ ■ LIFESTYLE DESIGN: Creating moods to induce the experience

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Business Design & Creativity Management

CONCEPT DESIGN: High-profitable innovative concepts for Retail Food Format

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Food Design Advisory

FOOD DESIGN: Interpreting eating evolution trends ■ ■ ■ Food must be designed as a chair ■ ■ ■ Chefs create recipes, Food Designers create replicable procedures

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2) Journalist, content editor and writer – Books, magazines and media


• Author of “Food Design – Progettare il mondo del cibo” – Volume Manual of Food Designer – Edited by Franco Angeli editore (forthcoming book)
• Author of “La Cucina Efficace” Edited by Trenta Editore


• Content provider on Food Design for several publishers
• Food Design Progettazione Alimentare (ispiratore e fondatore)• Founder and former Scientific Director of Food Design Magazine (La progettazione Alimentare) edited by DDW Editore
• Columnist on Food Design for Ristoranti – New Business Media editor (Rubrica fissa) and, in the past for Ottagono, Interni Panorama, Stampi e Design, Ristoranti, MarkUp Il Sole 24 Ore, Bealux Magazine, Promotion and RistorArte
• Author of articles, texts, books and newsletters regarding the Food Design
• Co-author of” Le Ricette dei Designer” First and Second Edition Edited by Compositori
• Co-author of “ADI Lombardia Design Codex 2010” Edited By Logo Fausto Lupetti Editore
• Special content guest in “Design For 2014” and “Design For 2014” Edited by Logo Fausto Lupetti Editore
• IVSI Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi – Il Food Design d’Autore 1 booklet
• Asti Experience 7 moments – New York ASTI DOCG 1 booklet
• Grok “Finger food recipes” 2 booklets


• Columnist for the Food Design at Ottagono, Markup IlSole24Ore, Interni Panorama, Promotion, Stampi e Design and RistorArte

• Content provider on the same subject for many publishers.

• Author of texts, book, handouts and written to the Food Design

• Founder and Director of the First “Food Design and Innovation Food Technology forum” a Social Network Food Design 2.0 http://network.fooddesign.it

• The Food Design: Volume about Food Design (available in April 2010 Compositori Editore)

• In the protagonist in the Book “Activa” (DDE Editions)

• In the protagonist in the Book “Le ricette dei Designer” (Compositori Editore)